Assorted commissions and projects.
Other Worlds Film Festival - Austin, TX
Sunset Haze - Gig Poster
Tokyo Lucky Hole - Gig poster
Casual Alien Invasion
The Fall
Lady Bird
Grimes mock gig poster
The Thick Grey Line
The Ice Queen
Gross Girl
OMNI Magazine cover
Bread and Roses
Mac DeMarco
An 8-piece series developed to correlate with short stories from Ray Bradbury's 1950 novel. 
The Earth Men
And The Moon Be Still As Bright
The Third Expedition
The Martian
The Off Season
The Long Years
The Million Years Picnic
She Figured​​​​​​​
A short series developed for a group BFA show displayed at the Dutzi Gallery in Long Beach, which explores the separation of family and the erosion of connections.
The Dance
The Beach
Erin, Lindsay
Super Atomic Jazz
Selected pages of a short comic about betrayal.
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